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Thursday, April 28, 2011


You can keep the money...

via AP, 4-2-11

WATERBURY, Conn. — A Roman Catholic priest in Connecticut has been sentenced to three years in prison after pleading no contest to stealing more than $1 million in church money and spending it on male escorts and a lavish lifestyle.
The Rev. Kevin Gray, former pastor at Sacred Heart/Sagrado Corazon Parish in Waterbury, was also sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation.
The Republican-American reports that a plea of no contest was entered on Gray's behalf, which means he didn't admit guilt, but a conviction for first-degree larceny was entered on his record.
Prosecutors say the 65-year-old Gray won't have to pay back the money because the Diocese of Hartford did not ask for restitution.
Gray's attorney called many of the charges against his client overblown.

I'd try to add something to this, but it's so poetic all by itself...

And so it goes:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the waiting is the hardest part

Just being homeless, and waiting to see what's next.  Will it be the house which I'm becoming increasingly interested in?  Will it be a job I applied for this morning?  Will I just live  in my car?  Who knows?

Very sad about the death of Phoebe Snow.  I took my first out boyfriend to see her at the Lyric theatre in 1978.  We held hands.  The people around us were scandalized.  In fact i think he was scandalized.  Still wonder what happened to Erick. He's probably still in Independence Mo, while I'm headed back to KCK.  You grow where you're planted I guess.

And so it goes:

Thursday, April 21, 2011



"This Easter Sunday in San Francisco's Delores Park, Christianity-spoofing homosexual drag queen 'nuns' calling themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will stage their annual 'Hunky Jesus' contest -- mocking the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ -- as shirtless men in 'crucifixion' costumes parade on stage in an atmosphere of haughty, homoerotic humor.Porno Pete LaBarbera, in a press release distributed today by Christian Newswire and republished on Free Republic.

ok this is happening like two blocks from my old apartment and I'm missing it...dammit!

curioser and curioser

It seems texas,

I have to wonder if there really is something like divine retribution.

Sorry for all those who are innocent victims in this, but still staying in that place they do give tacit approval to the bigoted hateful shit that place promotes. 

In other news, two journalists were lost in Libya.  Tim Hetherington created one of the most incredible collections of images in his book Restrepo.  And Chris Hondros one of the bravest photographers of his generation, both lost in Misrata.  The toll of war never stops mounting and we pay the price in many ways we don't fully understand at the time.

And so it goes:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

reilgious tolerance

Not that we didn't know that religious tolerance was a one way street,but now we see that religious tolerance is intolerant.

from joemygod-

After weeks of demonstrations, yesterday Catholic protesters in France destroyed NYC artist Andres Serrano's classic and controversial Piss Christ. The UK Guardian reports:

The work has previously been shown without incident in France, but for the past two weeks Catholic groups have campaigned against it, culminating in hundreds of people marching through Avignon on Saturday in protest. Just after 11am on Sunday, four people in sunglasses entered the gallery where the exhibition was being held. One took a hammer from his sock and threatened security staff. A guard restrained one man but the remaining members of the group managed to smash an acrylic screen and slash the photograph with what police believe was a screwdriver or ice pick. They then destroyed another photograph, of nuns' hands in prayer.

Protests against the photograph had also gained the support of France's far-right National Front party. The gallery's owner says the destroyed artwork will remain on display "so people can see what barbarians can do."

And so it goes:

Monday, April 18, 2011

bear with me

currently homeless, posts may be irregular. not to worry i got me a plan!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here's the problem

We have nutjobs like this one in the opposing party who will say anything to get what they want, which is of course to turn this country into a holy roller church extraordinaire,  and then lie again when confronted with the first lie.

This heinous-ness is of course multiplied by a sitting President who says:

in 2008, and then in 2011 we read in the morning news that he's will be agreeable to cuts in medicare and social security.

I have to ask,exactly why we're messing with a program that's solvent? Social security has plenty of money, if we leave it alone ad stop raiding the coffers, Medicare, is another matter, but that has more to do with the corporatizing of medicine than anything else. It's amazing to me that hospitals ran just fine thank you for decades, nay centuries, without the intervention of corporations and as soon as they entered the picture everything was not only triple the cost, but the forecasts were dreck and doom. it's the single biggest reason I left medicine in the first place, we no longer took care of the patient we took care of he bottom line. Not why I was there.

So here we go tonight, on the merry road to financial doom, if the GOP has it's way in cutting the deficit with one fell swoop. I'm starting to wonder if they and the democrats actually have the cojones to actually do any of this. We need to let the tax cuts expire and get that money back so we can go back to having enough funds to pay our bills and live normally instead of everyone who makes under 50k going to food pantries.

And so it goes:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what was i thinking?

interviewed this morning for a job with the county. I don't want it. I think I got it...SHIT!

and so it goes:

Monday, April 11, 2011

laugh?!?! I thought I'd die!

there are enough whack jobs out there to keep one entertained for hours at a time.  Today they have come up  with an entirely entertaining theory about Barack Obama:

Mystery scars on Obama's head prompt another question from conspiracy theorists - has the President had brain surgery?

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:32 AM on 6th April 2011
He has been plagued with questions and doubts concerning his background throughout his first term as President.
Questions like - is Barack Obama actually American? Is he a Muslim? Is he actually an alien from another planet? - have frequently been asked.
The next question circulating on the internet - has President Obama had brain surgery?
obama and brain scar
President Obama meeting comedian George Lopez as the First Lady looks on. Some observers believe this image shows a distinctive scar which looks like those left after brain surgery. However, there could simply be another explanation such as a bad haircut or birth mark

This enhanced image purports to show the scar running from the top of the President's head to behind his right ear
This enhanced image purports to show the scar running from the top of the President's head to behind his right ear

Internet blog sites, conspiracy theorists and forums are awash with rumours as to what those mystery scars on the president's head are from.
In pictures, Obama appears to have a long scar which goes up the side of his head and over his crown.
Some conspiracy theorists claim they are scars that you would see on someone who has had brain surgery.
But without medical records (along with his school records and birth certificate) no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the cause of the mystery scars.
Ben Hart, a blogger for Escape The Tyranny a website which presents itself as a Social Network & Forum For Conservatives, said:  'Obama's almost done with his first term, and we still know almost nothing about the background of the President of the United States.
'Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking?
'No one is allowed to see his birth certificate. He is just one big mystery man, which adds intrigue to what that huge scar is all about.'
The President has a distinct circular scar on the side and back of his head around the crown area
obama scar
The 'scar' seen from another angle. One blogger says the surgery might explain why the President has, on occasion, got lost speaking without a teleprompter
 Rumours: Ben Hart¿s Escape the Tyranny website strongly questions Obama¿s head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth certificate yet
Rumours: The Escape The Tyranny website strongly questions Obama's head scars as well as why no one has seen his birth certificate
He also said that surgery might explain why the President gets lost speaking without a teleprompter, and posted a video of Obama struggling through a speech, repeating his words and getting lost mid-sentence.

Speculation about different aspects of Obama's life first gathered momentum when questions over his actual birthplace started to emerge, with many believing he was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, as he has stated.
Millions of dollars have allegedly been spent trying to ensure that it is not released to the public, not even the Hawaiian governor has access to it.
Added to that are the fact his medical records have also been sealed.
A spokeswoman from the White House said they were not willing to comment on such claims, saying they were 'ridiculous'.
Countless neurosurgeons said it is 'not their place' to comment on whether or not distinctive scars on the President's head are as a result of brain surgery.
Others offered explanations such as a bad haircut or even a birthmark though many did agree that the scars are similar to those a produced after major brain surgery.
Without medical records or an admission from the White House, the public may never know the answer to the question, along with the contents of his birth certificate.
Funny that no one asked this about obama's predecessor.
And so it goes:

I thought about stopping this daily feature but i just can't.  I mean, well...look at him!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspiration strikes

So let's start with the op-ed piece from

Editor's note: John P. Avlon is a CNN contributor and senior political columnist for The Daily Beast. He is the author of "Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America.

(CNN) -- It's great that the government shutdown was stopped just before the midnight deadline. But it's pathetic that it got so far. And the damage done during the bitter and contentious debates is a troubling sign for what lies ahead.

After all, if a $5 billion difference in short-term cuts can bring the government to the brink of a shutdown, how is Congress going to deal with the multi-trillion dollar cuts in long-term spending that will be necessary to bring down the deficit and the debt?

Even worse was the stubborn insistence by social conservatives that policy riders defunding Planned Parenthood, NPR and the EPA be included in their list of demands until the 11th hour. These cuts were not about fiscal discipline, they were about social conservative litmus tests imposed to please the activist class.

House Speaker John Boehner is getting squeezed on both sides of his own caucus, trying to please social conservatives and the Tea Party crowd while also avoiding the massive popular backlash that would have accompanied a government shutdown. He is in the thankless position of being the responsible Republican in the room.

The $38 billion in cuts is the largest one-time dollar-for-dollar cut in American history, but still he gets no respect. Immediately after the compromise deal was announced, conservative congressmen and professional partisans were taking to Twitter to announce their disappointment, liberated by the absence of responsibility that comes with leadership.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann pronounced the results "disappointing" while Dick Morris' hot air reached Robespierre proportions, tweeting "The budget deal is a total surrender by a gutless Speaker. Those who vote for it deserve a primary!!!" Off with their heads!

No-drama Obama swooped in late to the negotiations, but was able to ultimately salvage a deal without getting strong-armed on social issues. Still, liberal activists like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich were unhappy as well, Tweeting, "The Prez and Ds caved in, endangering the recovery and strengthening the right-wing bullies. A tactical win for the Prez and a strategic loss."

Ideological inflexibility is not the same thing as political principle. Rooting for a government shutdown --especially over these comparatively small cuts and social issue riders -- is a sign of extremism and irresponsibility.

If the shutdown had occurred, they would have learned that the American people reject ideological extremism. Instead, many will be quick to play the government shutdown card as we head into a more serious round of negotiations about reducing the deficit and the debt.

America's strategic competitors like China must have watched our near self-sabotage with amusement over the past few days. Motivation through mutually assured destruction is no way to run a government. Politics in a democracy depends on the art of compromise, finding a way to reason together as fellow citizens. By viewing each other as ideological enemies we look foolish and weak, unable to muster the courage and unity necessary to deal with long-term challenges.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of John Avlon.

and so it goes.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celebrate! I made it! Post #1000!

Well I never thought Id' be able to write this much for this long.  It proves to me that I really can commit to something. That book I've always intended to write perhaps?

I have decided that i would like this to be a turning point for Coyote Tales.  I haven't figured out all the details yet, so the transition will likely be slow coming, but i want this blog to be less diary and more news/activism.  Now lest you groan about me and my gay activism, (first, fuck you) and second, relax. I think there's plenty in this world to be active about and I intend to explore as much of it as possible.

Joe Jervis and Andy Towle make pretty respectable blogs out of reposting material they find elsewhere and with a  mix of their own stuff, so I think I can join the fray as it were and maybe make this blog thing work for me too.  I hate to tie myself to regular features but I might just try it at least for a while.  We'll see.

But enough about me and enough about this blog.

  I've opened the last bottle of Veuve Cliquot at this apt and am partaking as I write. Let's hope I can hold out for the rest of the post.

Yes I stole my tagline from Linda Ellerbee, but back in the 80's she was the shit on NBC Overnight, back when they actually reported news. In fact my favorite overnight story was just as they were being cancelled and they got footage of some guy in New York who was being arrested, as they loaded him into the wagon he shouted, "Save Overnight!" I love him, and her. So my homage to Linda and her work at Overnight will continue, thanks for the inspiration Linda.
And so it goes:

ok so I can't hold out for the rest of the post, so here's a couple pictures of two of my most favorite men:

Friday, April 8, 2011

HGF, #999, and other things

As of this post I have had enough to say to last 999 posts.  No one who knows me is the least bit surprised that i could talk that much.  But it does surprise me. I never thought I'd be so public with my opinions and private thoughts.   

The blog has morphed from a diary of sorts to op-ed, and back again, currently it's going through a bit of a diary phase.  In my head it should be more op-ed, and it certainly should be more news-y. I think its popularity would grow if I'd head that direction. It's not an easy task though. 

Still not reading the signs very well. Yesterday they said go, today they say...hold up there, something you put out there some time ago is about to bear fruit, so hang on a second.


In any case, the universe appears to be recognizing for the first time in a long time that I'm out there and still viable.  That is nice in itself.

The government appears to be planning for a shut down over some piddling amount of money that represents the ideology of our new zealots and though I say it's foolish I don't really care.  Larry, Moe and Curly will inevitably sort it all out and things will return to their usual mess. Does it sound like I'm a bit fed up with our government?  Ready to completely drop out.

The house I was really interested in, has disappeared from  This is not to say it's not available I just can't see it.    I spoke with my agent and he says it's still on fannie mae's website, and gave me all the info he could find.  In an effort to shut me up about it  I'm sure.  But there's still hope for it.  He's trying to tell me nicely that I need to be more zen about it all, and  I am trying to be more zen about it.  But in a week I'm homeless and that seems to be triggering my Gemini security issues.  The house needs work and I can't imagine that anyone would buy it in it's curent condition, but there are folks more savvy about home issues than me, and they could well swoop in and take it.  But my agent is right there's a house every fifty feet, so why worry.

And so it goes:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do this don't do that, can't you read the sign?

No, in fact I can't read the signs. One day they say go, then they say stay.  The next they say you live to many lives, then they say get off your ass and get to work.  


So now there are several chances to do things I want to do and have wanted to do for some time, and yet, the moment is not right. I am not yet sufficiently prepared.  Meaning I don't have enough cash yet.

But when is that not true.  The temptation is to be impetuous, when I know that is not prudent.  So the waiting game begins.  Me for the right sign, and the universe to see if I'm really serious.

BTW there will be a special Saturday post this week.  Celebrating my 1000th blog post. No idea what I'm doing for it, but now that I am committed I have to think of something.

And so it goes:


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the midst of this chaos I need to make something

What's up with that?

My apartment is in complete disarray, boxes everywhere, things are all over the floor, in general it's a disaster and I'm sitting here thinking that before I move I should make some pots.  WTF?

Well, the wheel is just sitting there and I won't have access to it until I get the house, so there's that.  I'll have access to the studio at school until the end of the semester, but that's not very long,  so out to the studio I go I guess.  I'm so self indulgent.

And so it goes:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.

And it's certainly being proven true in our society today.

From the woman who sued Wal-Mart because they dismissed her for screaming that Faggots should die and go to hell because "they're not right in the head." who maintains her right to do so, and thankfully was ruled against. To the latest attempt to repeal "Obamacare" we're becoming increasingly mad as a culture.

The latest attempt by Rep Ryan is to turn Medicare into a cash broker to dispense "vouchers" for insurance directly to the companies themselves.

This of course, would effect me directly since it would take effect one year before I am to turn 65.  I object.

There are many grounds on which to object, and if we'd just recognize the fact that we're amazingly good at separating insurance companies and medical costs, yet incapable of separating church and state, which is of course ridiculous, we'd be halfway to conquering the problem.

Single-payer is the only answer and nutjobs like this guy are pointing us in the exact right direction with their outrageous notions that insurance companies are the proper arbiters of medical care.

And so it goes:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday without end...amen

I keep thinking this day will end but somehow it doesn't.  It just develops more and more bizarre characteristics and entanglements. 

At least I'm in now, and I have no plans to leave.  Let's hope nothing happens to change that. 

Decision made on the house, finally got a plan. 

Can't quite get my head around this long day, so let's let it end without further ado.

And so it goes:

Friday, April 1, 2011

and coyote tales ends

Didn't buy it for a second did you?  April Fools!  See you Monday.