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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Know nothing

We've managed to politicize everything, and in turn managed to reduce everything to ridiculous terms.

Take for example the common lightbulb.

Thomas Edison invented the damn thing in 1878. He invented the phonograph in 1877.

Do we still use wax cylinders to record sound? No! We have electronic technology, and manipulate the sound digitally.

So why, pray tell, would we continue in this age of resource management, to use the exact same bulb in it's 1878 form? Shouldn't we apply our technological advancement and knowledge to the electric light?

True, the light from some of the new bulbs sucks. But hat can be overcome with a bit of time. And some of the led's are quite good now.

We have choices in regard to light source, and we should exercise them. No nothing is cheap anymore, and yes we, being humans fear change, but seriously folks. It's not the democrats fault that we need to move to other sources of light and that it needs to be mandated.

It's the Republicans

No, not everything needs to be legislated, and it was probably a bit much to require the change by law. Simply require the manufacturers to make more efficient bulbs and let things sort themselves out would likely have made the Republiicans happier, at least we could say that the market was making a change that was necessary and not that we were making everyone do this by law, but they didn't.

But turning the sommon light bulb into a source of derision like I saw this morning on, just means one thing. We're fools and misdirection is the easiest way to fool a fool, or a lot of fools.

and so it goes: