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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pope: Christians are most persecuted group

Someone please find a nursing home for this old man. 

Perhaps, Sir, Christians are so, "persecuted", (waah!) because they practice hate themselves.  They practice exclusion, and the very hateful notion "if you're not like us, you're wrong."

Payback is a bitch ain't it Bennie?


No Negroes Allowed

If, as I grow older, I weren't becoming accustomed to the notion that we are growing more and more stupid as a nation I'd be appalled. The news here isn't a new business, but the recent development that a strip club owner in Wisconsin has posted a sign in front of his new, and yet to be opened business, stating that he intends to openly and apparently proudly discriminate against people of color.

Dear God!

Where are the No Fags Signs? Oh wait, I know, the love that dare not speak its name can't be mentioned, because children might have to have it explained to them and we wouldn't want to have to talk openly and honestly about anything sexual in this country would we now?(if you think we never go to strip clubs think again)

No we'd rather go around proudly wearing our ignorance and hatred of others simply because they have skin of a different color on our sleeves.

If I thought it'd make any difference at all I'd ask all the obvious questions. Such as: What possible difference could it make? Where did you learn such hatred, and why do you think it's alright to perpetuate it? When, When WHEN will we get smart and start teaching our citizenry that living, working and yes, lusting together is the only way we're going to survive?

Oh, wait, that last question gave me the answer to the problem.  Black men lusting after white women.  Wow this proprietor IS stupid isn't he?

There ought to be a law!

oh wait...

And so it goes:
 I love Jimmy Carter!