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Monday, February 21, 2011

Who steals my purse steals trash

Wisconsin of all places seems to be the most recent proving ground for what the Republicans have in store for us should they prevail in 2012.

I just read an AP story regarding the protests and refusals by the government to negotiate. This is of course, union busting at it's finest.

The story neglected to mention that the state created this 137 million budget shortfall by ramming a tax cut down the throats of the people last year.

details details.

The real question is, will the people of Wisconsin have the fortitude to hold the line? They're all charged up now, and they're in the streets railing against he machine, but will they understand at some point that this fight will be hard won? Will they sit down in the streets of Madison and hold out for real change?

My sense that America has been taken over by apathy says no.

But my heart says they must. It's the only way.

let's hope the Gods bestow upon them not only the stamina to do such a thing, but the intelligence to know it's necessity.

And so it goes: