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Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's a teabagger among us

And not the fun (ny?) kind.

(i just don';t see the humor in teabagging)

Alas, it appears my  nephew is such an exteremist conservative, that he's now succumbed to tea party   notions.

It wouldn't seem possible except he's been lead to this moment in is life by all the forces necessary to make him a worthless nutcase.

First, he;s a cop. Bad enough, but I can forgive that in light of the fact that it provides great benefits for his family and he'll be able t retire at a  reasonable age. 

But still, tea party?  I mean this is the likes of Michelle (crazy eyes) Bachmann, and Rand Paul.  (I feel compelled to continue the Joemygod tradition of calling her Michelle (crazy eyes) Bachmann, because there's not a better descriptor I can come up with.)  And those two have proven time and again they're dangerous and stupid.

It wouldn't scare me so much except their constituents were so ready and willing to elect them in the first place and here we go with their insanity in congress.  A place flled with enough insanity already.

So it frightens me a little that our government is being, if not exactly run, at the very least influenced by these wingnuts. 

And now I have one of their very own in my life.  At least part of the time.  He made a bad Obama joke the other day and I politely laughed.  his wife tried to wave him off and he muttered something to the effect of "I don't give a shit." So I see where this is going and I choose not to play. 

Teabaggers unite!  (At the ECT clinic, pls.)

And so it goes: