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Friday, September 9, 2011

and kansans censor free speech again...

A Kansas high school teacher is apologizing after parents complained because she stepped on an American flag while discussing free speech rights in her class.Officials at Circle High School in Towanda said Jennifer McKinsey, a U.S. government and history teacher, stepped on the flag this week while discussing controversial behaviors that are protected by the First Amendment.

Cherie Davis, a parent of a Circle student, complained to school officials.Circle principal Todd Dreifort said McKinsey has apologized for offending anyone. She has used the lesson in the past but Dreifort said it will no longer be allowed.The Wichita Eagle reported that Davis said she didn't want McKinsey to be fired but did want her to understand that the lesson would offend many people.


it's a shame that America no longer exists, and that our citizens are too ignorant to know that.  Now we have to start all over making a whole new one, and morons will be involved.


Qou Vadimus?