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Monday, December 27, 2010

The true spirit of Christmas in America

Yesterday in our local paper there was an article about a woman,(I'm going to leave her name and the man's name out of this ) who apparently decided one day to take up the cause of helping a man who had been convicted and imprisoned for a crime he apparently didn't commit.

She spent nine years on this endeavor, she spent her own money, she did all this voluntarily.  The man it seems, never asked her to take up his cause, or did he discourage her when she persisted.

In the story she is quoted as saying that after she took a job in this particular prison "it changed my life."  and "I wanted to sow the seeds of God's love in their lives.

 The man has been released, he's also been awarded almost $7 million dollars as a result. 

Guess who wants some money?

This is the brand of Christian this country breeds.  They "give of themselves" yet they seek compensation.

Now, this guy may not be the best guy ever born, he had been previously convicted for robbing a gas station, and hung out with people who obviously told stories that got him convicted of this murder.  So why would one undertake such a huge task and then suddenly go very public about their desire to be compensated.

God's love indeed.

And so it goes: