The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Monday, July 4, 2011


A horse, a swimming pool, a nap, some barbecue, gin, and finally lemon pie and fireworks.

That's it, that's the entire day in a nutshell.  I plan to keep the big bad world at arms length for at least one day.

Tomorrow  I should hear about my offer on house number one.  Haven't finished my research on house number two, besides a really cool place in the middle nowhere New Mexico has shown itself and I'm awaiting pictures. It may require an investigative trip.

I can handle two houses, three may be more than is realistic.

Had my faith in humanity restored last night.  After work I had about three hours to kill and decided to get 20 miles in on my bike. Finished my ride, turned into the parking lot and started laughing.  Five cars in the lot, the rustiest, most dilapidated, 198-something chevy s-10 just had to park right next to me. So, I loaded the bike and took off for dinner.  Still had about 40 minutes so I took my time, I drove through  some residential areas and checked out the houses for sale, and got to the restaurant at 6:55, dinner was at 7.  perfect.

Now, I seldom look in the back of the car in summer.  It's full of crap.  Saddles, bikes, cowboy hats bike helmets, this year it's got 200 lbs of clay. Just a mess don't want to see it. But yesterday I did  I turned around and looked as I parked my car.  There was the  bike the helmet, the saddle, all the aforementioned crap.  But missing one vital ingredient.

The front wheel to my bike.

I'd taken it off and leaned it up against the side of the car and never thought about it again. So I went inside found my friend waiting, thankfully he hadn't ordered anything, and said "Let's go I left my bike wheel at the park we gotta go check if it's there."  We jumped in my car and careened through the streets.  I came flying around the last corner before the entrance to the park to be greeted by a train.   I looked at my friend, "This is the universe trying to teach me about patience...DAMMIT!!!

After what seemed an interminable wait I took off and as I turned into the lot I saw there was a car in the space I had occupied, and the hoopty was gone.

But my wheel was standing against the fence.

As I said last night when I got down on my knees and expressed my gratitude for not having to replace a $300 bike wheel, "Thank you whoever you are!"

 Nice end to a nice day, looking for another, and another, and more after that.

Have a safe and happy independence day.

And so it goes: