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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jimmy Stewart Lives!

This morning, while driving to work completely frustrated because the alarm on my phone apparently doesnt work and I woke up ten minutes before I had to be there, I happened to hear Mitch McConnell making the suggestion that if Warren Buffet feels guilty about paing lower tax rates he should send in a check.

I just spent a fair amount of time trying to upload the sound file to this blog and it doesn't work, so if you want to hear the reincarnation of Jimmy Stewart go here to listen:

The complete preposterous-ness (is that a word) of his suggestion is beyond ridicule.  The GOP's favorite line right now is that we "shouldn't tax job creators."

What job creators?  I've personally been looking for a job for over two years and I'm still on the breadlines.  If companies are making money right now, and prices  and CEO salaries indicate that they're doing pretty damn good, they're keeping it to themselves!!!  And the people who can no longer afford to support the rest of the country, i.e. the middle class are getting squeezed from both directions they can't find jobs, and they can no longer afford to pay the prices that things cost. 

Either the conservatives don't hear what they're saying and for reasons completely passing human understanding can't see what's happening out there, which in their case is entirely possible, or there's a plan to eliminate the middle class and make us all serfs again. 

It has to be one or the other, else we're being led to the slaughter by incompetents in which case we can all just throw up our hands and surrender.

On an entertainment note, I also heard this morning  on NPR that Steven Levitan co-creator of Modern Family  had an encounter with a gay couple who congratulated him on "making the world more tolerant."

I have mixed reactions to this statement, because he follows it with a hilarious tag, but if it's true I say  hang  that gay couple from the highest tree, because tolerance is the last thing I want from this world.  I barely tolerate most people I'd never ask them to "tolerate" me.  It's just insulting to think that someone would have to tolerate my gayness.  I long ago past the age of needing the approval of anyone, and I cannot see the need to increase tolerance.  Acceptance, understanding, recognition, perhaps, but tolerance, no thank you.  It implies there's something wrong with us and that we need to be tolerated because we're different.  Well I am different and that's not to be tolerated, it's to be celebrated.

BTW Levitan's tag to the statement was:
 "we are showing the world that there's absolutely nothing wrong in a relationship between an old man and a hot young woman. Looking around this room, I see many of you agree."

So kudos to him for making a mockery of such a ridiculous idea as tolerance.

And so it goes:

thanks to Polt's Palace for the photo, no idea where he gets them but he's good at it, I hope he appreciates the homage.