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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Very Good Question

I ran across a story on that shocked me, and at my age I'm not easily shocked. But this one did. And not only did the story shock me, the debate that then raged in the comment section really surprised me as well.

It seems that white people feel victimized by black on white crime and think some websites, like the one in question focus too much on white on black crime.

Of course we see so much coverage of white on black crime in the MSM (yes this story wasa on CNN but I'd have to ask how much of this type of crime actually ends up on the MSM?) why should we worry?

Here's the story via Towleroad:

I would ask how can this be, but I realize that we live in a world that wants to go back to a time in which white people were allowed to commit these crimes. A world in which white people were allowed to flaunt their entitled status, one in which nothing and no one matters except what the white person in question wants. Spoiled children throwing a cultural tantrum because they're going to have to share.

We still live in a place where it's "I got mine too bad for those of you who didn't get some." A parallel that could easily be drawn when it comes to GLBT rights and equality. It's still a world controlled by a privileged few, and any of us who aren't on board with what they want will do without until we can wrest control of the reins from their grasp.

Watching this video is a reminder that it's more important than ever to walk the talk. To stand up for what is right for all people not just whatever group or groups we belong to.

The question in my mind is, will we learn before it's too late?

And so it goes: