The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Sunday, October 30, 2011

God I miss that place

San Francisco, a place where thinking is actually encouraged. I so miss that. Here in Kansas if you dare to think's so rare that they don't really have a response to it yet, but after the Koch brothers get through buying the state and taking over it's government there'll be a quick and decisive response...think Pinochet. Of course if you're a good Kansan you're Republican and you think what you're told. Because, well, why would you have to actually have any ideas of your own when you can just have them fed to you. Most republicans like that. That way they can spend their time thinking about their favorite subject...themselves. So, yes I left my heart in San Francisco. I'd go back there in a minute if there was a job, or any hope...and half those people went elsewhere...see, you can never go home again. On a personal note, getting cold feet about buying a house. they shouldn't have taken 8 weeks to make up their minds and I'd be in it already. But no, they had to give me time to THINK about it, which one should never do. What I really want to do is leave all this behind. The college is a miserable existence right now, and the notion of moving to a place that's close to there makes my skin crawl. So I've spent some time on, a place I shouldn't spend so much time, and there are options for cash buyers out there. This bunch had better hurry up. And they better hope the inspections go well. But back to protesting. I will say in defense of law enforcement that Kansas City Missouri cops are being smart and learning from the mistakes of others. They're leaving our Occupy KC people alone. They are after all assembled peacefully in protest as is their constitutional right. Republicans do remember the constitution I think. At least when it's forced on them. So my hats off yet again to all Occupy protestors...thank you for making the sacrifices, and thank you for proving the point I've been making here for years. That when things got bad enough people would revolt.