The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Friday, March 25, 2011

rarer still

Colin Farrell was a good friend of Elizabeth Taylor?  Maybe he isn't so bad after all.  Actually I've always liked the persona, but it's the choice of acting roles I've hated, they never did him any good and in many cases hurt him. But it seems sobriety agrees with him he was quite good in London Boulevard, in fact he was amazing.

Yesterday was a bit busy.  Looked at two houses, one a total disaster, the other not at all, and very promising actually. It's a bit of a funny story in that my real estate agent says that the house was auctioned a month ago and there were NO bidders.  It does need some work since there was apparently theft of, shall we say, infrastructure before the prior owners departed.

They took the copper plumbing!  I had no idea it had happened but when we were looking at the basement he said "here's where the dryer goes, and there's the vent for it."  and I said "yeah but I don't see anyplace for the washer to hookup."  Then I began looking in the basement ceiling and when I got clear back to the kitchen area I realized there were no pipes at ALL! It was quite an amusing moment. So I told him that if we decide to make an offer on it that we'll REALLY lowball fannie mae on the price since it has to be re-plumbed.  hilarious. I'd put in new HVAC too, but this place sits on top of a hill on a short acre, and the lot next door is for sale CHEAP and with that I'd have over an acre of ground around me with two outbuildings and a brick barbecue. The day was gray and overcast, but the house was light and airy I can only imagine what it'd be like  when it's sunny.  The view out the front leaves a bit o be desired, i.e. the Clampetts live across the street, but the view out the back is great, and it's a bit of a valley, so I think I'd be happy there if I could get it.   I'm not counting on anything until I have keys in my hand, but it's the first real ray of hope in the house search so far.

The other one was a total disaster. The only useful thing there was the roof which appeared to have been replaced about four or five years ago.  The rest was just junk.  Too bad too, it was in a great neighborhood.

Then I returned home and went through the mail, and responded to my eviction by snoring notice.  And then went to a two hour lunch with an old friend from my library days. Had a great lunch, there was much to talk about. Then I went home and got on a website we all know and love and found a piece of merchandise that purports to help snorers and went out and bought it.  It seems that it'll help, but since I'm self-prescribing I'm  thinking it may take me a while to get it right if I even can.  So, looking to beg up a room to sleep in until I get the inheritance and either buy a house or leave here permanently.

And so it goes:
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