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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here's the problem

We have nutjobs like this one in the opposing party who will say anything to get what they want, which is of course to turn this country into a holy roller church extraordinaire,  and then lie again when confronted with the first lie.

This heinous-ness is of course multiplied by a sitting President who says:

in 2008, and then in 2011 we read in the morning news that he's will be agreeable to cuts in medicare and social security.

I have to ask,exactly why we're messing with a program that's solvent? Social security has plenty of money, if we leave it alone ad stop raiding the coffers, Medicare, is another matter, but that has more to do with the corporatizing of medicine than anything else. It's amazing to me that hospitals ran just fine thank you for decades, nay centuries, without the intervention of corporations and as soon as they entered the picture everything was not only triple the cost, but the forecasts were dreck and doom. it's the single biggest reason I left medicine in the first place, we no longer took care of the patient we took care of he bottom line. Not why I was there.

So here we go tonight, on the merry road to financial doom, if the GOP has it's way in cutting the deficit with one fell swoop. I'm starting to wonder if they and the democrats actually have the cojones to actually do any of this. We need to let the tax cuts expire and get that money back so we can go back to having enough funds to pay our bills and live normally instead of everyone who makes under 50k going to food pantries.

And so it goes:

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