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Friday, April 8, 2011

HGF, #999, and other things

As of this post I have had enough to say to last 999 posts.  No one who knows me is the least bit surprised that i could talk that much.  But it does surprise me. I never thought I'd be so public with my opinions and private thoughts.   

The blog has morphed from a diary of sorts to op-ed, and back again, currently it's going through a bit of a diary phase.  In my head it should be more op-ed, and it certainly should be more news-y. I think its popularity would grow if I'd head that direction. It's not an easy task though. 

Still not reading the signs very well. Yesterday they said go, today they say...hold up there, something you put out there some time ago is about to bear fruit, so hang on a second.


In any case, the universe appears to be recognizing for the first time in a long time that I'm out there and still viable.  That is nice in itself.

The government appears to be planning for a shut down over some piddling amount of money that represents the ideology of our new zealots and though I say it's foolish I don't really care.  Larry, Moe and Curly will inevitably sort it all out and things will return to their usual mess. Does it sound like I'm a bit fed up with our government?  Ready to completely drop out.

The house I was really interested in, has disappeared from  This is not to say it's not available I just can't see it.    I spoke with my agent and he says it's still on fannie mae's website, and gave me all the info he could find.  In an effort to shut me up about it  I'm sure.  But there's still hope for it.  He's trying to tell me nicely that I need to be more zen about it all, and  I am trying to be more zen about it.  But in a week I'm homeless and that seems to be triggering my Gemini security issues.  The house needs work and I can't imagine that anyone would buy it in it's curent condition, but there are folks more savvy about home issues than me, and they could well swoop in and take it.  But my agent is right there's a house every fifty feet, so why worry.

And so it goes:

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