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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

disintegrating parties

Doesn't it seem that both of our current major political parties are coming apart at the seams?

The Democrats are apparently tired of defending themselves against the charge of over-spending, (especially since no one seemed to think the last guy who not only gave away the farm, but invited his friends in to sack the treasury never had to explain how or why he was spending so much money.) and have abandoned all attempts at rhetoric on the subject.  They've apparently also decided that even if there is voter sentiment against them which will cost elections, seats, and power, that they'll just forge ahead with their plan.

Sadly, they're not taking into consideration the very real need for jobs.  Something they not only need to be creating, but helping the economy build new ones as well.  They're not doing it.

I mean seriously, if you're going to spend billions of dollars, let's start with putting your populace to work.  Expand departments, create agencies, form alliances with other countries, fuck, do something.  But no, somehow a jobless recovery is ok with them.  Why, I cannot understand.

Not being the only underemployed over-educated person in the country I share the frustration of many.    Why did I bother?  What was the point of all that education I spent most of my adult years obtaining if I'll wind up working in a grocery until I die?  And I'm one of the lucky ones, at least I HAVE a job.

But let's turn our attention to the other major party.  This bunch seems not to be able to get it together.  Let's see, the most visible of that bunch, Charlie Crist, long suspected of being closeted, and married recently at a late age right before he announced his run for senate.  Bobby Jindal, governor of Loisiana, who thinks volcano monitoring is a waste of money, among other important and weighty issues I'm sure he considers regularly, has Presidential aspirations. 

And then there's Sarah Palin.

Seriously, could anyone really think this punchline is Presidential material?  Her latest publicized move is to erect a 14 ft fence to block out her neighbor who apparently is writing a book about her.  How smart he is, for moving in next door to such a viper is another post altogether, but still, why are we even considering voting for any one of these idiots? 

They're not offering up any plans to cure our current ills.  They're not presenting any details about what they'd do differently.  They're running on a platform that they're right and  the democrats are wrong and that's why they should be elected. Even if they were right I would require a bit more info than they're offering to date. 

Let's see some sort of plan. Let's see some ideas being floated out there that people can consider with some degree of seriousness.  Show us that you are about something besides furthering your own political career.

Then of course, there's the Green Party Candidate for 2008, Cynthia Mckinney. 

This is the nutbag who not only slapped a Capitol cop for asking for her ID that she was suppose to be wearing, but the woman who introduced a bill to release information on the death of Tupac Shakur.

As always in an election year I ask the important and nagging question, "THESE ARE MY CHOICES?!?!?"

And so it goes:

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