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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad calls

I try not to bore the shit out of you with baseball talk.  I read about it and think it about i from time to time, and then I hear some of the people at work talk about it and realize it can get old real quick.

But fuck that, today I'm pissed at Jim Joyce.

He's human and he made a mistake, let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

This is not the moment to clutch Jim!  You're an umpire because you see that action and you make the correct calls.  That's your fucking job!

When some guy is on the mound pitching a perfect game you stay on your toes man!    Don't screw him at the last minute by making a stupid call.

Which bring me to instant replays in baseball.  Why is this not more widely used?  If they can do it for a disputed homer, why can't they use it for a call like this? 

Selig has to change the call. Any idiot, i.e. me, can see that this was a simple case of a bad call by an umpire. The guy was a full step away from the bag when the 1st baseman made the catch!

Speaking of bad calls, has anyone noticed that Joran Van der Sloot seems to be running around the world killing women?

And so it goes:

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