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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brave (?) New World

In this freelance world we're about to enter in which the corporations place the risk solely on those it hires to do its bidding, I find myself conflicted.

I also find myself poking about for the place to fit in.

A few days ago I sent off a writing sample for a freelance writing job with a site that deals with the Arts.  Mind you it's not my preference, but I thought I'd give it a try since I like eating and living indoors and the capability to do both is in question at this time.  So I dashed off a little missive and atached a sample that I thought was pretty good, a piece from this blog about Showtime's season ending episodes this past year.

There were a few hitches though.

In my zeal to get this job and impress with my "abilities" I may have written myself out of a job, we'll see.

Yesterday I got an email:

I'm paraphrasing here  but :
You know...we want housewives from Topeka to be able and willing to read this stuff.  So, if you wouldn't mind could you send me something I could submit to the editors?
Was the gist of it.

I guess all the talk about straight guys and using the  word Shit, isn't what they're looking for. See, too excited, I went off my head.

So now I have to learn to write for the masses, not just the four five of you who read this blog.


And so it goes:

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Bigg said...

Better make that five of us, hombre. FYI, you're the one who got me blogging again.