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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To the point

Yesterday I failed to make my point I think.

The current, and obvious plan by the GOP to prevent passage of any bill that might (and I say might with much trepidation) lift us out of the current Great Depression is meant to weaken the democrats in November, thus returning the GOP to power in congress, and THEN they'll attempt to open the floodgates of relief to help create jobs etc. and then claim they're our heroes.

Fuck them.

If the education system in America worked and Americans were smart, which they've proven time and again they're not, they'd keep all the Democrats and see what they can actually accomplish instead of believing the old lies about Democrats fiscal irresponsibility.

I might add that the deficit was increased more by George Bush, (the worst President in over 100 years, probably ever) in his administration than it has been by the Democrats, we just didn't know it because of all the prestidigitation that was going on.

So let's not blame the guy who's spending money to help us when the other guy spent not only all our money to wage unjust and illegal war, but invited his friends in and helped them sack the treasury!

November will tell the tale of whether we're as stupid as I fear, it'll also be one of the deciding factors on where I spend my retirement years. If the people of Mexico think it's so great here then I say they can have it, I'll move to the country they're abandoning and live in peace.

Having the worst time at the wheel this summer, it's like I've never done this before, making all the rookie mistakes in the book. Can't understand it.

Ran across a fb post by an old friend about a show we were in more than a few weeks ago. Though I hadn't forgotten about the show I had forgetten what it meant to us all, and apparently by the comments still does. I'm so proud to have been a part of such things.

And if I'm lucky...

And so it goes:

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