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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CRO it is

Yesterday I went through a harowing ordeal that took almost the entire afternoon.

I went to the DMV.

I'd finally gotten Chrysler financial to understand the finer points of changing my name and filling out the necessary forms, so armed with what I was convinced was a proper arsenal of paperwork I undertook the process of paying the state their annual extortion to have a license plate on my car.  The letters on the plate are CRO.

I found that amusing since I have to eat more and more crow as I get older it seems fitting. 

The latest attempt at "efficiency" for our beloved DMV is that you enter on a touch screen, your phone number and they text you periodically to update you on your "status" or place in line.  Thechnology lies to us all.

They told me I would have a 44 minute wait.

62 minutes later a slightly perturbed me approached the designated counter  at which point I was informed that to accomplish my task they'd need my license plate too.

This was the time for apoplexy.  I complied.

So I went outside and retrieved the plate, while they "held" a place for me in line. Paid them the ransom and off I went.

A while back I dissed Colin Farrell pretty good and got quite a bit of hate mail as a result.   Not that I mind, hate mail is at least an indication that I make someone think. Which in this day and age is a rare occurrence.

However, last weekend I saw Crazy Heart.  It was good, and Bridges was wonderful, though I still don't get the hype about the movie, it was a nice character study, but not all that.  The surprise for me though was Colin Farrel's presence.  I was unaware he was in the film when I sat down to watch.

He was pretty fuckin good!

Maybe sobriety and a new wife have had the desired effect. That's be nice.  The guy has had his share of flops, now he needs to start really acting and making us want more.

At this point I do.

Thanks Colin:

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