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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And we think we're so progressive...

Cuba, that little third world country to our south that's been thumbing it's nose at us for more than half a century seems to get it on more levels than we ever will.  So does our neighbor to the north, but that's another story.

Mariela Castro's lesbianism probably has a lot to do with the relatively newfound Cuban pride movement, or at least their outness to the world, but it's unique in a country such as Cuba.  Hell it's unique in a country such as the U.S.

Nonetheless, I applaud not only their courage, but their obvious delight on the parade route for Gay Rights on the International Day against Homophobia.  The parade was reportedly violence free.  

The parade in Belarus, conversely, lasted ten minutes and was ended by riot police. Belarus is off the list of places to live.

I've been involved with the ex for a few days. frankly it's been interesting that I've been involved with a very different person the past few days than I was several years ago. I'm still not convinced that either of us can actually have a relationship with anyone, but I still have hope. Not rushing into anything there.  

Perhaps my generation is one of the last, hopefully, that has to drag into relationships societies disapproval of our existence.  Maybe if we weren't told throughout our lives that we weren't worthy of love then we'd be able to accept some of  it.  Our families don't really approve of our sexual orientation, and they disguise it...barely, from us, but in truth not at all from each other, and in our heart of hearts I think we know that.

 I think we know too that this impairs us, from an early age, to be able to actually have a loving and intimate relationship with another man.  I think straight people know that too, and they love having such an effective tool. 

Reminds me of Geoffrey's line in Lion in Winter..." I know. You know I know. I know you know I know. We know Henry knows, and Henry knows we know it."

So we drag this disapproval from relationship to relationship like Pig Pen's cloud of dust, and think that all we're really good for is one night stands or brief flings that mean very little, and we're not, we're worthy of so much more.  If we just had the  (Courage? Wherewithal? Intelligence?  Opportunity?) to celebrate our difference and live open, relaxed, loving lives, we'd win.  Probably never the approval of those too stymied in their intellectual and emotional development to think we're actual human beings, but the right to a life of our own without the interference of anyone. 

Yes there are places in which we can do that but we shouldn't have to leave our homes and go exile ourselves to have happiness, it's our right.  Remember Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?  It says nowhere in that document that you can have that only if you're white christian and heterosexual..nowhere. If this is truly the melting pot, then let it be so.   

It shouldn't be necessary to have these:

Though they're wonderful and I'd participate in a second. I still think we should have more of these:

And these:

And Gods yes these!
So that these:
will go away. (Not that I subscribe to that whole God thing)

The unfortunate and unconscionable influence that the heteronormative world wields against the psyche of the rest of us is unforgivable and the only way to rid ourselves of it is to defy it and walk down the street with our chosen partners with our head held high.  Let the judgment of their Gods fall on them as it should.

All of which reminds me of Geoffrey's next line in Lion in Winter:


And so it goes:

Ah yes, hot guy, no shirt, and a Camaro, what more could I ask.

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