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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A lack of surprise

There were no election surprises actually.  It appears that the old bloc is on it's way out and the new is coming in. Whether that means a return to conservative politics is still a matter for some debate.  The Tea Party thing scares me but only slightly.  I assume the voters will come to their senses and make sure that the Tea party fanatics don't get hold in congress.  That would be a mess.  Funny, but a mess.

The pundits are predicting gloom and doom for the current administration, and maybe they're right.  I never expected that our first black president would be more than a one term thing. 

But things were accomplished, and maybe there will  be more, maybe not too. This time there doesn't seem to be an abundance of Preachers ministers and priests out there telling their faithful how to vote, so it's not as interesting when you don't see people vote their religious beliefs. Maybe they are who knows, organized religion is so insidious.

All in all, yawn, was my reaction to yesterday's  results..  "If you can't fix it, ya gotta stand it." 

Setting off tomorrow for a little jaunt to buy some pottery supplies.  The  store is 40 miles away and I don't go very often, but I need clay for the summer business I hope to have.  So a little lunch and a little drive is in order, I think I'll invite the ex.  Maybe we can spend some time together and see what's what.

I wish it'd stop raining.  I want to go outside and play. Gotta go and put out some buckets to catch the rain water for pots.

And so it goes:

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