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Friday, April 9, 2010

There are good ideas and there are great ones

And I think Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich as a GOP ticket in 2012 is a spectacular idea. 

She's such a universally recognized doofus and he's such a known...well, what is Newt?  Let's see, he's a philanderer, he's a liar, he's, if I recall correctly, a tax evader, he was brought up on 84 ethics charges by the house while he was speaker, oh yes, and he was conducting an extra-marital affair while prosecuting Bill Clinton for getting a blow job.  Yeah, Newt's a great guy. 

Sarah, well, she's after a little bling and that's about the extent of her ambitions.  And the Tea Party are her big supporters and since they've proven themselves to be a bunch of fucking nuts I see a wonderful future for all three of them.

As for me, a little time at the grocery this morning, and then a nap is in my future, followed by martini's and dinner.

The college in the west I applied to hasn't even closed their search that was scheduled to end last Friday.  I'm a little insulted.

And so it goes:

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Bigg said...

I'm rooting for the gun-totin' Palin/crazy-eyes Bachmann presidential ticket, myself. That much crazy on one political platform wouldn't cause the platform so much to sink as to implode...