The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Monday, April 12, 2010

Postponing the inevitable

I was less busy when I was working full time.  Today i have taxes to do, laundry, papers to grade, loads of laundry to do, and with this incredible weather I insist on taking the bike out for a ride. All this not to mention the fact that in about half an hour someone will be here to clean the carpets, AND I have to teach at 6.

Dixie carter has left us.  Sad, 70, from where I stand isn't that old.  No offense to those whippersnappers in their 40's, but seriously, look at all this from an AARP membership point of view and it takes on a whole new dimension.  So quit yer fuckin' whinin'.

Saw the latest episode of Justified last night. Surely I love that show for another reason than the obvious.  Is it possible that I could be that shallow?  (well, yes, yes it is)   I like the show though.  i'd probably watch it if Olyphant wasn't in it...probably.  In my defense, I like Breaking Bad too, and neither of it's stars are particularly attractive to me.  So there, I'm not shallow.

Even though it's well done I could never get into Mad Men.  tried, Jon Hamm is hot and I love watching him in it, but it's just not enough.

Ok enough procrastination.

Maybe not.

And so it goes:

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