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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don't know what to do with myself

The phone isn't ringing, there aren't 6 people demanding my attention at once, I don't have anything to plan for in the next 15 minutes, I actually slept until I woke without an alarm last night.

I could get used to this.

Someone clipped the front corner of my car the other day while I was parked somewhere, I just noticed it last night. It's not catastrophic, and since the collision deductible is $500 i figure I'll just fix it myself. The bumper is scraped a little and there's this teeny little dent in the bottom of the fender, it could actually be covered with a bra, but I'd still know it was there. parts for cars are cheap nowadays, I do not know why, but I can get a new fender and bumper cover for less than $300 amazing. I have to paint them of course, but that's not hard. I could actually skip the bumper and just paint the one I've got it wasn't torn or anything, and since it was the corner it didn't use up the one time use on the bumper absorber thingy underneath so it's still good to go. We'll see how expansive I feel when I start to order stuff.

Cnn has done something stupid. they lent credence to an already discredited author who claims homosexuality can be cured. Richard Cohen, who had his sexually confused nads handed to him by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC a few weeks ago is still promoting his sick little agenda. And without a balancing viewpoint a la Fox news, CNN presented his simple-minded ideas to the world. What could they possibly have been thinking? They're hearing about it, and they'll hear from me too. they should hear from you as well. I have to wonder when someone somewhere is going to assume responsibility and fix journalism so it reverts back to it's original function. To report the news not make it. And to give us info not tell us what to think.

Even though GLAAD has issued this call to action, I say call CNN anyway. (GLAAD is useless IMHO) Kyra phillips has done several gay pieces recently all with a decidedly anti-gay slant and she needs to be taken to ask for it. As do her editors.


Kyra Phillips
Anchor, CNN Newsroom
(404) 827-1500

Karen Zuker
Producer, CNN Newsroom
(404) 827-1500

Bridget Leininger
CNN Publicity
(404) 827-1500

And so it goes:

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