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Monday, February 8, 2010

Que es mas peligroso?


I'd love to sit here and proclaim that the Tea party is the most dangerous organization in the U.S.

It's filled with people outraged over their inability to express their bigotry and irrational hatred wherever and however they wish.  It's an organization determined to prevent and social progress in this country.  It's an organization that promotes fear. It's an organization that irrationally assigns labels to Obama like Nazi, and the dreaded Socialist. It's apparently being led by Sarah Palin.(notorious for bulldozing anyone who gets in her way) It's everything I hate.

But sadly, though I think it's is muy peligroso do not think it's the most dangerous organization.

I say the most dangerous organization is the Human Rights Campaign. And though I think the HRC suffers from a lack of good leadership, I think the real problem is its membership.

The HRC benefits from a host of people who have not done their homework.

I have recently seen more HRC bumper stickers than ever before. Though I believe these stickers are proudly displayed by people who believe the ideals the name of the organization  bring to mind, they have no idea what the organization is really doing.

Problem is that none of the rest of us do either really. Not only don't we do our homework, we really can't since they organization isn't very transparent.

Joe Solmonese, the obsequious leader of the HRC frequently tells us all how much progress is being made and how the Obama administration loves us.  This is likely only partly true.

The Obama Administration, along with the Democratic Party loves our money. They, like all political parties thrive on our donations.  They take some of that money and endow themselves so they can continue to exist should our largess suddenly end. But mostly they live on free money that we voluntarily give them.  And we give it to the HRC under false pretenses.

Now, let us not make the incorrect assumption that I am a gay conservative.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But let's not look at the organizations created to further our civil rights movement through rose-colored glasses.  Let's dump their dirty laundry out on the table and go through it in full public view. 

I read this morning, and article on about this very subject which obviously sparked this diatribe, and at the end John Avton, the author, quoted Eric Hofer who said in his book "True Believer" that "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket."

He was referring to the Tea Party movement, and though I hope he's oh-so-right about them, I'm dismayed that it applies in triplicate to the organizations created decades ago through the blood sweat and tears of those of us who were trying to accomplish something by marching in the streets when it was unfashionable and very disruptive to do so.

The HRC was born out of a struggle to save lives in a time when no one believed those lives were worth saving.  The memory of those lost should not be trampled upon to simply pay lip service to our civil rights. The HRC is not accomplishing much on our behalf, and we should stop paying them to do so.

And so it goes:

Love, cause it's all you got.

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