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Friday, February 5, 2010

You do not talk about fight club!!!

As if made to order a couple of morons currently working in education at P.S. 65 in Queens New York made my case about the incredibly sorry state of education for me.

They started a fight club in class.

Apparently they, in their teeny tiny little minds decided that the best way for two kids to settle a dispute was to wrestle it out in the classroom.

And parents still don't revolt.

I am a responsible teacher. (mind you I'd never teach elementary or secondary)

But I think of the students first. I treat them as though they were there to learn and not be taught to act as though they were simple-minded fools who need to resort to physical violence to solve differences.

They seem to respond to that.

Why do you suppose that someone would think the opposite was true, especially for elementary students?

Why do you suppose someone would hire these two morons?

That's the person we need to find, the simpleton who thought hiring these two musclebrains was a good idea.

Fire the dummies, and flog the hiring manager in the town square. HR is universally fucked up and it's showing all over the employment spectrum. Do we know that? nope.

Almost every person I know who has to deal with HR departments to hire staff complains that not only do they get idiots for applicants, but they later learn that perfectly qualified people are turned away at the door! Why?

Do you suppose that HR is being run by people who are taught, as are those in education, that the lowest common denominator comes first? That the Johnny who can't read needs to get the first job or he'll end up selling cigarettes at a convenience store?

Well, heaven forfend! Let's put this guy in front of a classroom instead!

I'm posting the video here cause the administrator is a picture perfect example of exactly the root of this problem.

Everything that doesn't involve steak is incomprehensible to this guy.

at least we have HGF!
And so it goes:

Love, cause it's all you got.

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