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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And away we go!

Richard Rothstein at Proceedatyourownrisk is of the opinion that America's Christians true desire is to have homosexuality criminalized.

Let's consider that for a moment.

Let's say that some state such as, oh, let's say, Alabama makes a ruling that the sodomy laws they have on the books should be enforced, thereby landing many homosexuals in the slammer.

Predictably this little peccadillo would wind up in front of the Supreme Court.  

Let's also say that Alabama makes a successful bid to have its ruling upheld under states right's considerations, as Richard points out is likely. 

Is there then a roundup?

Let's say that though I'm an openly gay man that I'm not at that particular time sexually active.  Does the open admission of my homosexuality place me in a position of suffering possible imprisonment?

Where exactly do they draw the line?

Am I afforded the opportunity o leave the country? And if so where in the hell will we all find a place that will take so many people?  

At that point what do I do for a job? How do I earn a living?

Let's suppose I am fortunate enough to find a place to where I speak the language, what skills do I have that will translate to another country?  Do I end up working till I drop dead? Suppose I get sick? Old people do that on occasion, what then?

Where is America's responsibility after having foisted my existence of on another country simply because of who I love? Am I still an American?  And these issues are just the tip of the iceberg; I'm writing down what comes off the top of my head here, there are a host of other issues to be considered.  Will Christian America consider them?

Let's say that though I stay in America that I am institutionalized./imprisoned for my "crimes." Does America take care of me in my old age?  Do I spend the rest of my life in prison because I refuse to renounce who I am, thereby incurring the wrath of the United States judicial system?   They do realize that they’d then be institutionalizing my health care for life, providing my living expenses for life, and though my liberty would be gone, they'd then be paying to keep me alive?  And I'd not be alone in there, there would be millions of us?  Will separate facilities be built for us all?

Talk about deficit spending!

Let's lock up  several million of our citizens just because we don't like their sexual orientation, and then care for them the rest of there lives.  And let's do that to every successive generation until we wipe them out. Since it's not a choice to be homosexual (you morons) how exactly would you wipe us out?  Would you then blame the costs on the liberals?

Another typical example of the short-sightedness of conservative thinking.

I have long said that the next civil war won't be over terrorism, or money, it'll be over morality and religion. The nutbags in the Tea Party are showing what they're made of, and Amedeo Obici's successors want to talk to them. 

And so it goes:
Love, cause it's all you got.


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