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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sam Brownback is a crybaby

Emma Sullivan is my idol!

Emma Sullivan doesn't tweet often. Most of her recent twitter posts refer to the new Twilight movie. But one tweet, posted Monday, got her called into the principal's office, with a request for a letter of apology to the Governor.
"He (the principal) started off with saying that he had to do a bunch of damage control. And that I needed to do damage control and that I needed to fix this," said Sullivan.
She made the tweet while on a field trip to the Kansas state capital. Governor Sam Brownback was addressing the group and she voiced her opinion on the social media site.
"I tweeted: Just made mean comments to gov Brownback and told him he sucked, in person," said Sullivan.
One issue she now has is how the district found out. The school was informed by an email sent by a Brownback staffer who forwarded her remark to a district official.
"I think it was a cowardly move for him to go after her," said Julie Sullivan, Emma's mother.
The district spokeswoman said she wasn't aware of any particulars but said, generally that "Students on school-sponsored field trips are representing the school. Students may express their personal beliefs, views, and opinions, as long as they do so appropriately and in accordance with school policies."
"I didn't say anything that I couldn't say at school. I'm pretty sure I didn't cuss," said Sullivan.
As for the language she did use, she and her mom said it's perfectly acceptable for the medium.
"This is the lingo for this generation. And it's not entertaining if she said, ‘well my political views differ' and went on to explain in a more intellectual form," said Julie.
Sullivan said she hasn't written the letter yet and hasn't decided whether she will.
KCTV5's Betsy Webster contacted Brownback's press people by cell phone and email and did not hear back, though it is worth noting that the office was closed Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

and then...
A Kansas teenager who wrote a disparaging tweet about Gov. Sam Brownback is rejecting her high school principal's demand that she apologize.
Emma Sullivan told The Associated Press on Sunday that she's not sorry and an apology letter wouldn't be sincere.
The Shawnee Mission East senior was in Topeka last week when she sent a tweet from the back of a crowd of students listening to Brownback. It read: "Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person."
She actually made no such comment. But Brownback's office saw her post, and she was called into the principal's office. Her apology is due Monday.
Sullivan has received a wave of support, with many saying she shouldn't have been targeted. Her Twitter account now boasts 3,000 followers.

Out of the mouths of babes.

And the Principal of Shawnee Mission East should be ashamed of him or herself.

And so it goes.

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