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Monday, August 1, 2011

Barack Obama is a huge disappointment

A sentiment echoed by everyone of my friends.  Just exactly what has he done that hasn't been halved by his innate ability to compromise the goods out of any and every legislation. Now he's done it with the debt ceiling/budget debacle.  Instead of going on television and telling the American public, "Look, these idiots are confusing apples with oranges!  The debt ceiling and the budget are not the same thing and I will not be held hostage by one to get the other.  If these morons don't/won't understand this then i'll invoke the 14th amendment and take care of this myself. May your God bless America."

But no, he stands there and plays at theatre, which wasn't even good btw, and postures with the best of them and at the last minute "strikes a deal" 

Worthless!  Worthless I tells ya!

Next November I'll be flipping a lever, punching a chad, or touching a screen, depending on where I live, and it'll be the box next to this guys name, but it won't be out of an overwhelming desire to do so.  It'll simply be because the choices are non-starters.  Pity we aren't smart enough anymore to elect real leaders.

So in the absence of real leadership let's recap my weekend.

Thursday I went to a cocktail party with the ex and had some fun.  It amazes me that there are people who, at our advanced age don't know there's a certain decorum at a cocktail party, but apparently they don't.  Got lot's of news right at the end of the night that I didn't know how to respond to, still don't really.  It didn't exactly frighten me, and it didn't exactly put me off, likely since I sort of expected some of it.  But it proves to me that chances do come round again.  Maybe this time...

Friday went for martini's for a bit, then off to dinner with my dear friend C, and then back to martini's.  Had great stories to tell and of course horror stories about real estate.

Saturday spent the afternoon looking at said houses, almost all of which were non-starters (using that phrase a lot today) then took myself out to dinner.  While I was sitting there some friends came in and we started debating about driving to the least desirable city in the metro to see Brody Buster was worth it.  It apparently was.

Sunday rode around with some poor schmuck who was doing every single thing wrong with his horse he could imagine and blaming the horse the whole time.  No wonder that poor horse hops around trying to get rid of this guy, he was pissing me off and he wasn't sitting on my back. This guy may never learn.  He wants to debate every thing I tell him.  This is not a debate it's instruction, how hard is that to understand.

And tonight I will be leaving work for a bit so I can go to the visitation for the father of a friend.  Hate to go to these things anymore, but I'm not emotionally invested in this one so I think it'll be ok. If not, too bad I'm a big boy.

I seem to be doing something that causes acquaintances and complete strangers alike to feel like they can/should tell me their life story. I must  identify this behavior... so I can stop it.

And so it goes:

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