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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fomenting a revolution

In true modern day GOP style Kevin Yoder had a town hall meting last weekend.  And then cancelled it at the last minute because "Democrats had invaded"

Is this what we've come to?  Have we allowed our government to be hijacked by extremists?

If that's the case they've won.  The terrorists who attacked us on September 11 have accomplished their goal, they've divided and conquered.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the twilight zone episode entitled "The monsters are due on Maple Street" should readily see that all they had to do was take away a few of our modern conveniences, like civil liberty and the ability to pursue happiness, and we turn on each other.

That's what Yoder represents.  The worst of us.

I don't pray, but I ask the universe every day to look favorably on us once again.  To forgive us our multitudinous sins against our fellow man and show us that we should be a nation that stands together, not as separate economic entities, but as a strong and united nation that knows that the only way to survive is to stand strong and look out for each other.

That isn't what we're doing and I hope we can reverse course and save ourselves.  because if we don't we're doomed.

Kevin Yoder (R-KS) refuses to admit DEMOCRATS to his town hall

Congressman Kevin Yoder Hides from Constituents
Yoder Cancels Secret Town Hall Meeting

Overland Park, KS -- This morning, at the Mills Farm Clubhouse in Overland Park Kansas, Congressman Kevin Yoder cancelled a hastily arranged town-hall meeting to discuss his recent vote for the “Cut, Cap & Balance” bill. Over 40 constituents of Yoder’s were denied entry into the meeting with staff citing a lack of ‘pre-registration.’ After constituents, elected officials and members of the media waited for over an hour in the heat, members of Yoder’s Congressional staff turned people away and said the meeting was cancelled.

In response to Congressman Yoder’s actions this morning, Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Kenny Johnston released the following statement:

“Mr. Yoder can run but he can’t hide. His vote this week was political grandstanding at its worst. If I’d voted to pay for handouts to the rich by eliminating Medicare, stood up for the Tea Party instead of common-sense Kansans and put our economy at risk while slashing Social Security, I’d probably run away, too.

“Kevin Yoder needs to act like a Congressman. He needs to stand before his constituents and explain his extreme voting record. His votes for big oil and the wealthy few and against Medicare and Social Security have left everyday Kansans wondering, ‘When is this guy gonna stand up for us?’

“There was a 90 year old woman in the crowd today who came to hear from her Congressional Representative about his votes on important issues. She braved the heat to be there. Unfortunately, Congressman Yoder wasn’t brave enough to listen.”

And so it goes:

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