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Monday, March 28, 2011

I want to go out and play!

But it's raining and gray yet again.  Yesterday it snowed for hours...yes hours! 

But enough whining. I am looking at my next vacation.  It's a few months off, but it's coming, I can feel it.  i am obligated to go to New Mexico at the end of May, but after that I feel a bit more distant destination in my future, one I've never been to.  It's time to start traveling again. 

I'm really enamored by the house I found last week. I already described it in a previous post, but I went there with my brother and his wife Saturday evening before dinner to show them, and they were excited about it too.

My real estate agent seems to be discouraging me from it, and I think it's mostly because he doesn't really want to go through the bureaucratic mess a Fannie Mae foreclosure entails. I don't care I think it's the house I want.

Besides Fannie Mae won't event talk to me until I actually have the cash in hand which won't happen until mid may at least. (Stepsister called my brother Saturday while we were at dinner to say closing was set on the townhouse so the estate should start to distribute...extremely good news) so I have to wait and see if it's possible.  If it's meant to be it'll wait for me. If not I'll get my answer. 

Today it's back to academia.  Spring Break is over (waaah!) and that leaves 6 more weeks to teach. Frankly i could use the time off. Oops back to whining, sorry.

Well academia is tapping it's toe and I'm still here blogging so off I go.

And so it goes:

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