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Thursday, January 27, 2011

There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow

It's just a bit insulting to think that we're so often played for fools.

Birds fall from the sky, and we're told "Ah, happens all the time, you just communicate too often nowadays and you're finding out how much it actually happens."


Then someone, I thankfully know not whom, asks Kirk Cameron why he thinks it is, and he wisely, makes light of his position as arbiter of endtimes knowledge.

But the unkindest cut of all comes today.

We're told the birds in Beebe Arkansas, died of blunt force trauma. Which symptoms, any thinking person could tell you, would be the result of falling several hundred feet from the sky. The end result, yet not necessarily the cause.

Now, let's momentarily revisit my position on conspiracy theories. It's my contention that to have a conspiracy there must be an organized effort to accomplish a specific goal. I also believe that none of the existing threats to sanity in this world are thinking of anyone or anything but themselves and their own wants and needs.

But something is afoot here.

Personally, I'd more readily believe that these hapless creatures, (the birds, not the humans making up the fairy tales) flew into a cloud of toxic waste, they're out there, (we all know what is done in our names daily why delude ourselves) Perhaps some shift in the winds this winter brought a particularly bad mass of naz from Chenobyl, or some errant volcanic ash is to blame.

Point being, I doubt anyone would take the time to murder a few thousand birds in Arkansas as an exercise to warn us of an impending disaster.

But the idea that we're thought of as so simple-minded that we'd buy the blunt force trauma theory, is just insulting.

And so it goes:

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