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Friday, January 14, 2011


McDonald's employee fired for letting Peterson use the restroom

An assistant manager at McDonald's was fired after allowing Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson to use the bathroom while the restaurant was closed. 
While working the late-night drive-thru shift at 3 a.m., a female employee encountered a man standing outside the window who asked to come inside and use the restroom. After a little while, she realized it was the popular Minnesota Vikings star and opened the door for him to come inside and use the facilities. (The seating area at the restaurant is normally closed during the late-night hours.)
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One week later, the mother of three was fired for the offense. 
"He's a public figure... I know him better than some of the maintenance people that come in and out," she told The Consumerist. "I never thought in a million years that that decision was going to cost me my career."
Jeez, McDonald's. It's not like she was letting in Brett Favre(notes) or Bryant McKinnie(notes). He's Adrian Peterson, the most famous Vikings player of all! If you can't do a solid for AD, who can you?
There's a silver lining at the end of these golden arches, though: After the local media reported on the woman's termination, McDonald's gave her back her old job.
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Let this be a lesson to all you fast-food employees keen on handing out favors to famous athletes. It doesn't matter if Tom Brady(notes) walks through those doors; he has to pay $0.39 for supersizing just like everyone else.

no, no I'm afraid he doesn't.  Tom Brady does not have to pay extra for anything in my store.  

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