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Monday, December 13, 2010

a few things

First, what the hell could our leaders be thinking when they propose a payroll tax holiday?  I realize the government has plenty of money, yet, they seem to think there will always be lots of it to go around, and i'm getting nearer and nearer to needing my social security benefits.  At my age I'll get them, but the struggle to keep them will be ongoing and there will be times I'll have issues surviving on them and what little I'll make as I grow older.  


Well, it's sort of my money, I figure that if everyone else in the world thinks that every tax dollar spent is theirs personally then I can act like my social security benefits are mine for the asking. 

On another note:


And I got an email from the Smithsonian the other day after sending them a rather scathing little epistle regarding their immediate and resistance-free capitulation to the demands that they censor their exhibits to satisfy the sensibilities of the "Christian" among us. They assured me they're committed to the art and it's message, yet as a "publicly-funded institution" need to be attuned to the sensibilities of all.  All the bullies that is.   All the people who hold the purse strings. Not it at all actually.

I didn't figure they'd get it.  

And please please please go to Joemygod and read this week in holy crimes.  It's a semi-regular feature he has that  demonstrates the "good" our religions do on a daily basis.

I'm sure Sal Alosi is talking with his clergy for advice this very day.  A head hunter who specializes in high school coaching jobs wouldn't be a bad idea either.

And so it goes:

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