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Thursday, November 11, 2010

They just don't listen

Well endtimes indeed.

Tuesday night I ate poorly.  Which is to say that I was up at 4am regretting my culinary decisions.

Oddly the universe had conspired to provide me with an opportunity I hadn't anticipated.

I went to the kitchen for baking soda and opened the fridge for water.  The pitcher was empty.  Whose fault is that since I live alone?

When I turned to fill it at the sink, my phone, which was on the counter lit up, and I thought "I just hate that that thing lights up the whole room in the middle of the night to let you know it's charged. Wait, that's not the wallpaper, that's the call screen and it's 4am...uhoh."

You see, no one in their right mind calls me at 4am unless it's necessary.

It was necessary.

Twenty minutes later I entered the scene from Moonstruck in which Danny Aiello (played by my brother) is talking on the phone while in the background we can see an old woman (in this case man) propped up on hundreds of pillows, receiving at their end while mourners wail at their side.

It was quite the scene, and people wonder where I get my flair for drama.

Oddly one would think this would be a sad ending, but this man was past ready to move on, and move on he did.

He had a good long run.  87 years, two marriages totaling 61 years, four children 5 grand children and 9 great grand children. A recipient of some of the most impressive benefits that America's greatest generation ever created. And the frosting on the cake...he outlived every single one of his contemporaries.

So farewell to you sir.  May the undiscovered country greet you well.

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