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Monday, November 8, 2010

And yet there may just be hope

The democrats have lost.  They've lost control of congress, they've lost control of the economy, if they ever had it, lost control of their supposed agenda, and turned into Republicans. 

I for one didn't want a congress that jammed shit down my throat just because they thought i needed it, like waterboarding, or shoe removal at airports, or illegal wiretapping, or a big ass fence on the mexican border, or richer bankers, or exploding mortgages, or any number of things we got because they said we needed them.  As though we're a great lot of children who need looking after.

The Democrats did exactly the same shit.

"Poor things you need health care, so let's propose to give you a great deal, oh say Universal health care, how's that sound booby?  But wait the big bad Republicans won't let us do that so here, let's give you some shitty compromise, which we intended to give you to begin with we just had to fake you out for a few minutes and make you think we we're actually progressive. Psych!"

Change the words to health care to any of the rest of the shit they went to the right over after they faked left and there you have it.

So now we're gonna get a bunch of hard liners who want to tell us they're going to shrink government and cut costs.  Which means the poor will be poorer and the rich....well you get the picture... several more years of ramming it to the rest of us. Their government doesn't actually shrink, it gets bigger, but they wave one hand in the air and we watch that while the other is signing bills to make larger monolithic departments that can be more ineffectual so they can then turn around and use them to demonstrate how ineffective big government is. And they say the democrats waste  They're going to waste billions on investigations so they can prove how good they are and how bad the big black guy is.  It'll be 1996 all over again.  Not that great a year if I remember correctly.  

Keith Olbermann got suspended for not only doing something they do routinely at Fox "News" (as though that makes it ok) yet something he clearly knew was in violation of the policy of the company for which he works.  And I get 50 emails telling me to be outraged and demand his return to the air.

I don't get it.

I love the new catch phrase that all cons conveniently and probably rightfully ignored this election cycle.  " against their own interests..." well, yes in point of fact the majority of republicans who vote do indeed vote against their own interests, but just because Chuck Franks newly-coined term sounds good it doesn't mean one who uses it doesn't need to be able to explain it.   Most have no idea what it means just that it sounds good.

But in the end, there may just be hope.  There may be people out there willing to fight for what's right. To wage this war that needs to be waged against those who would force those of us with whom they disagree they'd legislate our morality, our privacy, our very existence if they could.  

They are these people, whom I now love dearly:

Not that Benny hasn't seen men kissing each other considering where he's lived for decades.

And so it goes:
a bit modelly and likely photoshopped but cute nonetheless.

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