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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"I don't know a philosophy"...Woodrow Call

 "'I God Woodrow."

One must look at yesterday's developments philosophically.  First, the dreaded GOP didn't get a veto-proof majority in the house, and even if they had they don't have it in the senate, so no harm no foul.

Second, this is a system of checks and balances and maybe this influence will make the dems get off their wussie asses and actually get some positive shit done these next two years before we get yet another ineffectual GOP President who's interested in helping everyone EXCEPT the American people.

Third, I never expected DADT to be repealed, marriage to exist, and ENDA, well not getting fired cause you're gay...that's a dream.

I have always been mystified though that we have to enact laws to make people behave decently, particularly conservatives. They talk out of both sides of their mouths.  They say they want less government but then they forcefully shove their morality down our throats.  All the while doing their level best to prevent others from doing the same.

The big problem I see is that Iowa is gonna lose marriage, and soon.

Those that care didn't care enough to vote to save the justices, and now there's trouble.  We will never learn.

I've always suspected this will wind up in SCOTUS, and then we'll see what happens.  Scalia isn't inclined to think we should even be allowed to exist.  Oy!

But none of this was unexpected.  There were some solid victories, and some good news here and there.  Harry Reid is still running the senate, which is good, especially in light of what might have been.

Christine O'Donnell is back to dancing around cauldrons where she belongs.  Carly Fiorina is...well Gods know what that one does in her spare time.

However, the devil spawn of the country club set Rand Paul is going to the U.S. House.  Now THAT is going to be amusing at least, disastrous at worst.

Through it all however, I will expect that companies will start hiring again and some of this economic mess will get resolved, otherwise what good are any of them.  I particularly liked the woman I heard interviewed yesterday who said she'd lost a LOT of money the past few years and the Dems had done nothing about it, as though she expected them to put it back in her acct. lol

And so it goes:

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