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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Giants, Mortality, and Entitlement

The faithful are seething today I'm certain, that those heathens in San Francisco got to celebrate their victory over Texas. Of course anything that irks Texas is good in my book,  that it was the Giants was frosting on the cake. I particularly liked the polite applause they got from the Rangers fans. lol

My poor neighbors. I NEVER make noise, they must have thought I was being killed last night.

In other news, some people just refuse to go gently into that good night don't they? It seems that someone is going through the five stages of grief over their own mortality over and over again. I'm told it's very trying. I can only imagine.

And what is it with middle aged white guys in college who think I owe them an A because they show up every week. Are other professors handing out A's just for being in the room? Sadly I never ran into them when I was in school, I've got shelves full of books I had to read over and over to get mine.

Last semester I had a student question his final grade because he was of the mind, and I quote, that: "I was there every week and I did everything you assigned."

I thought meeting the basic requirements of a class was C work. Maybe that's just me.

Last night I had ANOTHER ONE mad at me because I'd screwed up his 4.0.

Do they think my work is subjective and I make up the criteria as I go along? I'm quite clear from day one what I expect. Enough of my frustration over entitled old men. No wonder we have the rep we have.

Back to more important things. Lincecum pitched a mad game last night. I get why they put Wilson in to close the deal, but both Sunday and Monday they robbed the starting pitcher the chance to finish what they started. Madison Bumgarner got the win in the books, but Wilson also pitched that last inning. It just stole the drama of it all for me. Posey's charging the mound after the final strike was funny, it was like he was looking at the dugout saying..."Come on! Let's go guys!"

Well off to vote, hopefully to irk some more conservatives later in the day. Though I'm certain I know who OUR next governor will be. Ick!

And so it goes:

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