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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No rapper

being a senior citizen AND a white person I do my best not to attempt to rap.  It's unseemly for an old white guy to be contorting and mumbling in public.  Besides we can find ourselves in a nursing home right quick should we get caught.

So today I ran across a couple of young black men who have gifted us with the following:

Last night in class I tried and tried to find scenes for the few remaining students who still come to my class. No luck. Every time I tried to find something it wouldn't work for one reason or another.

Then as I sat there watching two of them stumble through a scene completely over their heads I realized I had three black women and one each a black man and a white one. The Mr Lindner scene from Raisin in the Sun it is!

No worries over language, the white guy gets to be the bad guy, I get to have fun messing with their minds, and at the end of the semester I've accomplished my mission. AND WITH ONE SCENE TO GRADE! WOOHOO!

Now desperately looking for a living situation where I can have a studio and do raku firings. It's a tall order but I really have decided that being an artisan is the only way for me to really make a living. Considering that I play so poorly with others. Besides it's something I love to do.  And after all, that's what's important.

BTW I scored 30 on the aspbergers/autism quiz on facebook this morning.(those with a score of 32 have one or the other) Not surprising, but a bit disheartening.

Start researching your candidate now so you can vote next Tuesday. And go to Washington or your local meet this weekend for the restore the sanity rally if you can.
And so it goes:

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