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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Start the sanity!

Jon Stewart proposes we start a new movement. Not that there's a shortage of those anymore, but this one would be worthy of the rest of us.  Those of us who aren't nutjobs, and who believe that America isn't being taken over by aliens or that September 11 wasn't an inside job.  (actually I'd never heard that one until today, how crazy is that?) 

In a world where televangelists are routinely accused of sexual misconduct, like Eddie Long, an accusation which for some reason I don't really believe.  Perhaps it's because his accusers were recently arrested for breaking into his offices.  Anything is possible, he could be guilty of this, and in light of the way things turn out in this world his fight against equal rights for gays may well be the typical cover we see so many adopting in an effort to hide their gay not only from the faithful, but from themselves as well.  It's an enormous risk cause that's a long fall. But somehow I don't think Eddie is the bad guy here.  I think he might just be too smart to risk all that bling on a couple of hustlers.  I'm just sayin'

Stewart's rally scheduled for the weekend before the election is poetry. I particularly like the suggestions he's offering for signs to carry in this rally.

My favorite:

"I'm not afraid of Muslims, Tea Partiers, Socialists, Immigrants, Gun Owners or Gays ... but I am scared of spiders."

So in an effort to stop all this one-sided debate we hear and read nowadays, and in an effort to lower my own blood pressure when I read all the crazy shit some people say about not only us, but almost everything else, Let's START THE SANITY! 

I will note that on joemygod today there is mention of a conference in Samoa about global warming at which the accusation is made that we're (gay people) responsible for global warming.  (I mean we're hot and fabulous and all but seriously.)

But in closing today let me offer this little prayer penned  (I think) by a commenter at joemygod regarding Eddie Long's little alleged pecadillo:

O Heavenly Substitute for Personal Responsibility, you arrived at my door with the promise of eternal life and I called the police.  Hear my prayer.

Begin anew, O Majestic Ascending One Trailing a 15th Century Silken Ribbon on Which in Latin is Inscribed "Behold the Lamb Who Will Be Severely Disrespected."

Create us without the baggage of bigotry, O Huge and Nattily-Robed One.  Shape us in the image of a reasonable ideal that we can obtain without years of yoga and other time-consuming exercises.  Wean us from psychic dependence on Internet blogs that eat at our free time and result in less time for personal hygiene.

We pray this in the name of the Flying "All Televangelists are Scum" Monster, who makes all things tax-exempt.


And so it goes:

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