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Thursday, September 23, 2010

forest? trees? hmmm

Noticed today that the checks seem to be getting smaller each week.  This is of course not good, and I had to weed out yet another creditor this week.  It seemed more important to have electricity and insurance than be able to buy a new desk chair on credit. 

There doesn't seem to be a lot of gnashing of teeth over the failure of the repeal of DADT.  It certainly went out with a whimper this time.  One pundit calls the whole thing political theater, which is likely true.  The good mena and women serving our country while secretly loving people of their own gender wouldn't be the first to be used by congress for political gain.  Everyone in Washington gets to go back and campaign with a clean slate on the issue.  John (crazy boy) McCain gets to tell all the blue  hairs in Arizona he kept the fairies out of the military, and the Democrats get to tell the rest of us that "well...we tried, but the big bad Republicans blocked us." 

I'm suer this fight isn't over, but there will be a brief respite.

Feeling stymied by lack of motion of outside forces regarding the job search, and solvency.

Keeping my fingers crossed about jobs, they're few and far between these days.  It's best to go directly to the company if you really want to talk to them about a job.  These websites and referrals are empty promises.  I find in unconscionable that careerbuilder not only has jobs listed that no longer exist, but that they then try to make money off the unemployed by offering resume services and the like at an extra cost.  How have we let it come to this? 

Oh well we're to blame for out own mess.  We'll clean it up or not.

And so it goes:

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