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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The sheer lunacy we're up against

I'm sitting here contemplating a post a bit more dramatic than usual simply because I found two pieces today that jarred me and I really want to share them.  They're a bit of a departure for me since I usually rail against whatever ill has struck my fancy today and let it go at that.  However, this time I think we need to really look at what we're facing at the polls.

This is representative of the faction that is working very hard to control the government, and I think we all need to make informed decisions.  I realize they're nuts, and I realize there are a lot of sane people out there who don't believe these things, and also that these people are the drag queens and rent boys of the conservative movement, which is to say they get the press cause they're outrageous.  Like the FABULOUS faction at the pride parades.

But, let's say they don't have as much control as it seems, let's say they're the prestidigitation of this era.  Don't we have to ask what's going on behind the curtain if that's the case?

I know there were only 80k or so at the Beckoning, and  the relatively small groups that show up at these things represent fringes that are so bent on their hate that they'll travel to demonstrate it.  I get that.

But don't you think we should take note that there are people out there who are financing such things?  That those with enough clout and money are interested in showing THIS face to the world?  These things don't come cheap, so someone's footing the bill for hate.  Who? Why?  What do they want?Are they so bent on discrediting the dems and Obama that they're willing to show THIS face to the world?  Money can buy a lot of things if you want it to. 

I suppose the lesson here should be, "Be careful what you want."

And yes i am posting both videos, I think it's necessary.  


Make informed choices.

and so it goes:

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