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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting to know you...

I have said in the past that I refuse to live in fear,  and for the most part I do refuse to allow fear a foothold in my life.  It's counterproductive.

Fearing anything or anyone, is not the way I choose to live my life.  I have wandered from job to job for many years and though they were seldom the job I thought I wanted, they provided me with what I needed if not what I thought I wanted.  Funny thing is that when I got the few jobs I thought I wanted, I didn't want them at all.  they involved lots and lots of bullshit and dealing with...people, (see earlier posts regarding that subject) which is never a good thing in my mind.

I could easily choose right now to live in fear.  To fear losing my job, my home, my car, etc.  All are very real possibilities.  Not in any way imminent, but possible. Just as I made it to the end of the summer of my discontent and money starts to come in from teaching again, they reduce my hours at the grocery preventing me from being able to get caught up as I'd planned.  The economy is not recovering as we'd all like and this prevents me from acquiring a full time job which would help...a lot.

But I'm not going to be afraid.  I'm not going to worry about money or jobs or the future, let it take care of itself.

I do think there are responsibilities as Americans we should concern ourselves with.  We should know that these are the people who likely will be deciding the next election and who represents us in congress:

  These are the people who find themselves angry over something that apparently exists only in their minds.  Which I find happens a lot these days,  people sit around and make up shit in their heads and then get mad about stuff that doesn't exist and share that anger with the world.  We're a country of narcissists who are about to get what they deserve I think.

I've said before that I'm contemplating moving to the country and living in seclusion, and though it sounds good in theory,  there's no escaping this mindset, in fact in the country it's worse.  One can choose to ignore it, but that's at one's peril I think. I'd love to think that education would help, but I think it might just be too late.

Our leadership has failed these people.  It has set bad examples,  preyed on their basest fears, and purposely neglected to educate them.  (examples abound above) Now they're going to try to force us all to pray in school, our offices, and deny the civil rights of anyone we don't agree with, or who, in our mind, violates principles of the Holy Bible.

Think I'm kidding?  Go out in November and vote Republican and see what happens.  Talk about something to fear.

And so it goes:

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