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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Say what?

What exactly did Barack Obama say in those two speeches the other day? i just finished watching them both and I swear I have no idea.

"We were at war in we're not. George Bush was motivated by love of country."

"The economy sucks, but not as bad as it did when Republicans ruled."


WTF Mr. President?

I mean, I realize that most people are completely stupid. Take a look at this if you need evidence:

But really, you could have given us some clue of your plan. Do you have one? Is it your plan to lay low until after the elections to see what happens if you stay out of sight since no one wants to have you around? It's not gonna help sir.

Shit is fucked up yo.

Alas, I'm tuning out the rest of the day, I can't take NPR gloom and doom today, I need to have a bit of a rest.

Besides, there's no shortage of naysayers out there to fill in for me today.

And so it goes:

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