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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

and the torture never stops...

It's been many years, and sometimes if I try to remember being bullied or tormented at school I have to really think to remember specifics, but there are some incidents I remember very clearly. Mind you I graduated high school in 1975, and I'm 53 today. This stuff makes a lasting impression.

I have to admit that I did consider suicide at times in reaction to the relentless attacks I sometimes endured. I was once told that a teacher watched me leave school sick one day and turned to the class and said "I feel so sorry for him, he has no friends." While this was not entirely true, it wasn't altogether inaccurate.

Time of course, being the great equalizer, I infrequently see some of my tormentors at the grocery, it being in the very neighborhood where I grew up. And though I speak with them and pretend nothing happened 40 years go, I often think of grabbing them and banging their heads against the wall and ask "What the fuck were you thinking doing that to another kid?" They didn't know then and they certainly wouldn't know now.

This is all a reaction, of course, to yet another suicide at the hands of bullies. Please look in the right sidebar for the article regarding the death of Asher Brown of Texas, where all evil resides. Well not all evil I guess. After all Dick Cheney was from Montana or Wyoming or some other homo internment camp.

There is also an article on regarding bullying of kids with allergies. Who is teaching these kids this is ok? More importantly who isn't teaching these kids this is not ok? Wiping peanut butter on a kid with peanut allergies? And parents have the nerve to say that the schools aren't doing their job.

There are incredibly responsible parents out there, some who would never allow their child to even entertain such a thought for a second. And these incidents are not as common as the media would have us believe, I'm sure. But the fact that it's happening often enough to be a nationwide issue should concern us all.

Schools can't replace parenting. That notion is creating exactly the kind of government run world the teabaggers are supposedly afraid of. There is more to raising a child than education, and accomplishing that seems to be out of our grasp.

Shame on us.

Oh! I decided on the t-shirt "religion=mythology"

And so it goes:

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