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Thursday, August 26, 2010

When it starts winding down...

Signals come from everywhere don't they? Blogactive, that abhorrent outing site was right all along about Ken Mehlman, and now he's out. 

I've got my own little signals going and I do not like most of them. Last week I was informed by my immediate supervisor at the college that class wold begin that week and I had a class on  Thursday.  I said, "But I thought it was on Wednesday."


I went, and no one else showed.  Concerned, I sent them an email  this monday informing them that semester had started and we'd meet this week.  They came.  LAST FUCKING NIGHT WHEN THE CLASS IS SCHEDULED!!!!!

Yes, it's my fault for not following up my concern about the bosses statement but when  he uses his "I'm the boss and you will do this." voice, I'd prefer the fucker was correct. 

So after explaining to not only the registrar AND the new Dean, to whom I got to look like a doofus thanks to my immediate supervisor, I received an email from a student DEMANDING an explanation.
Needles to say my response was not positive. 

So as I said signals that things are winding down here are on the rise. Maybe it really IS time to move on.

And Ken Mehlman can go fuck himself and his new outness. 

And so it goes:

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