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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tedious Tuesday

Blogs are getting taxed!

A city in the east is requiring blog owners to buy business licenses. They're like $300.

Innovative ways of taxing are the norm nowadays since the governments have discovered that they can't get money from us off payroll taxes they used to get because we don't have jobs that pay as much anymore, so they're going to get it from us another way even though we still have incomes 1/3 of what they were previously. They simply don't care they just want the money.

There's another government agency that operates that way and we aren't friends right now. I fear I have bad news coming today. I'll hate it.

Other than that the semester has started, the weather looks to be finally moderating, and I appear to be as poor as I always feared I would be.

C'est la vie

And so it goes:

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