The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it could be worse?!?!?!

Well, yeah I could have some untreatable disease too.  Thanks Mr. President!

He's missed the mark again.

The smart thing to say would have been.  "Ok,here's the deal.  We're not gettin' this shit done.  And we need more of a majority to do it.

"We need you to get out and vote and show support for the Democrats agenda so we can continue to accomplish the things we set out to do.  Change is possible but it takes all of us, not just a little more than half of us."

Is he saying that?

He's telling us we could have it worse than we do, and if we see the GOP return to power this fall we will have it worse.  Well, THAT'S not very motivating. 

Still trying to find a job.  And right now I've set my sights on one that I'm really well qualified for.  All I have to do is sell the hiring mgr on it, and then ace the interview.  Simple right?

It's in the southwest and it's incredibly well suited to me talents and experience, and I fear I'll go unnoticed.  But I'm applying anyway.

Hope springs eternal.

yesterday on the way to the grocery, a job I come to abhor more as time progresses.  I suddenly had a deep and unsettling sense of foreboding.

Something is wrong somewhere.  I thought I'd hear about it already but i haven't.  But something has happened or is about to happen to someone close to me, or possibly me,  can't tell from this feeling but it's not good whatever it is.
I hate when this happens.

And so it goes:

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