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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

knowing better

you'd think that someone who has moved as many times as I would know that poorly planned moves do not go well. Such is the case with the move of this blog. I may abandon the whole damn process.

The blog downloaded, but the sidebars didn't. The template didn't either, and then there's the matter of the layout. I'm having to reconstruct the whole damn thing and the only thing that gets moved apparently is the content.

One gets what one pays for, I suppose.

I made the colossal mistake of questioning the IRS about my '09 return. All hell has broken loose. All I can say is it's a mess. They do manage to cash my checks in a timely fashion I will say that in their defense.

It appears to be a tech year in the educational jobs world. The only places hiring for people who do what I do are places I won't go. (there are like 3 in the whole country)

I could choose to get all down and dejected about all this, BUT it is after all out of my control. All I can really do is plug away at it all until it reaches some sort of a conclusion, satisfactory or otherwise.

Held my last acting class of the semester last night. They chose to do their final scenes in the class period so they didn't have to come back for the final on Monday. I have to be there in any case, and most of them should have rehearsed one more day at least. But there's not much likelihood they'd have improved. So I took what I got. We all lost so much momentum when I had to go teach the day classes in March that we never really recovered.

Alas, it's all blood under the bridge at this point.

I need a vacation.

My birthday is coming the end of the month, perhaps a getaway is in order. Nothing grand (can't afford it anymore) a camping trip with a horse perhaps.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

And so it goes:

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