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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One mo' time

Today is my last day to teach full time, at least for a while.  One class this afternoon and then I'm through. I cleared out of the office and took everything home.  It's kinda liberating not to have to keep up with someone else's schedule and lesson plans.   Not that I haven't had fun doing this, because I have, but it wasn't my semester, it was one designed by someone else and I had to give it back somewhat intact.  I couldn't just come in and reinvent the whole thing like I did his show.  This requires a little more continuity.  

Alas, it's in the history books and i'm glad I can rest from this afternoon until tomorrow afternoon when I have to resume my own classes. Poor things, all but ignored this past month.  We'll take it easy on poor old me tomorrow though I can guarantee that.

So why do you suppose the Cuban government has chosen now to release that picture of Elian Gonzalez?

Governments so rarely do anything that's not calculated so I'm wondering what this is about.  Elian's birthday, apparently a national holiday is December 7, I don't get it.  Something's afoot or they wouldn't have done it.

A principal in Tennessee, (surprise, surprise), has sent a young man home from school because he was wearing a t-shirt that said something like "I (heart) lady gay gay."  Perhaps not the wisest choice of garments in Tennessee, but hey it's the kids choice.  But again we'll see a school district go to court over a students right to free speech.  the kids mom made a very good point, "Administrators have not sent home students who wear religious shirts and those bearing the rebel flag, she said."-towleroad.  Let's see if Tennessee is more enlightened than Mississippi.

Every time I write of Tennessee I am reminded of a friend from grad school who hailed from there.  He was always quite the exception to those southern rules I bandy about so freely.  Of course, in Hollywood all these years later he could have become a Scientologist, who knows. let's hope he's as smart as I always thought he was.

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